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Adventures in Erotica

A Personal Odyssey

3 March 1957
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This is a journal about a sex-saturated journey into personal discovery. My intense sexual feelings, first discovered at age five while rolling on the grass with a little girl on a summer evening, are only now getting full expression. Six years ago I discovered the love of my life. She is my sexual match. She has an imagination that matches my own. We can talk about anything, any fantasy, any desire. We both love images of sexuality and both of us know that we can create images that are more combustible than most of the porn we see. Sexual heat is processed in the brain, the most important sex organ. We believe we can depict arousal and fulfillment on the screen by entering into the mind and character of our amateur subjects. This journal will be about that process, in part. I've posted many messages on Literotica.com that go from sensitive to provocative and it strikes me that this site is a good place to try to organize many of those thoughts and observations. Here goes!