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Adventures in Erotica
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in rex_romeo's LiveJournal:

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Sunday, July 24th, 2011
2:19 pm
Yesterday: a Great Disappointment
As my readers know, I enjoy the occasional opportunity to suck a nice cock and swallow a load of cum. I started a group called bi oral guys on a website for swingers, invited two men I know to join and it has grown spontaneously to 158 members currently. Last summer, when his wife went to visit her parents in another state with the kids, Steve hosted an afternoon party. Our friend Brad came, too, but it was only the three of us. My wife always happily declines to go with me but sends me off with a smile.

Many of the married men I know want to do bisexual things with women watching. We always note this when we post news of an upcoming party. Nothing ever happens. But, you never know. I put a notice on Craig's List and heard back from five women. One never responded to my reply, one decided not to attend. To my surprise, when I got to Steve's house yesterday -- his wife is at her parents with the kids -- three gorgeous black females were seated on the sofas. All three had written to confirm their interest but I was still surprised that they actually showed up.

Then everything unwound. Seven guys had confirmed they would attend. Brad phoned me that he would be there in ten minutes but never showed up. Neither did anyone else. So it was just us two guys. After much candid talk another guy showed up and his behavior was totally inappropriate. He seemed hopped up on drugs. Since he was over an hour late, Steve wisely told him that the sex was already over and invited him to leave. Then Steve was so freaked out by this odd event that he lost interest in doing anything. Damn! Three beautiful women who would have watched me suck Steve's big cock and I didn't get to do it.

At least we have three new sexually curious females as friends and we promised to organize a future event.
Friday, November 5th, 2010
8:38 am
I haven't posted in awhile because life is mostly routine. However, this Saturday night A & M are hosting a house party. So far, nine couples and our favorite single guy, P, will be there. One of the women in the group, T, has really opened up and dived into the lifestyle enthusiastically. A couple of weeks ago we had a small party with A & M and T and her husband. She sucked my cock like a slut whore while her husband used my wife for a cum dump. I can't wait for a replay!
Saturday, June 12th, 2010
3:18 pm
Oral Sex
This morning was a long, slow roll out. Sleeping late was delicious. Eventually, my wife brought me coffee. I was nude in our bedroom, sitting on the couch in the sitting area watching a Marx Brothers movie on TCM. She took off her robe and sat on the floor between my legs. When the movie ended she turned to me, took my limp cock in hand and put it in her mouth. She had me hard and breathing heavily in no time. After five minutes or so, I could feel that "there's no turning back now" urge. I tried to hold back as much as possible to make my ejaculation really powerful. As she always does, she kept her mouth right on my cock to suck out and swallow every drop. She is an incredible lover. Of course, as soon as I recovered I took her back to the bed and gave her my fingers on her clit and, with her left breast in my mouth, I jilled her off to a powerful climax.
Monday, May 31st, 2010
11:59 am
Saturday Afternoon
Well, M didn't make it, unfortunately. Yesterday afternoon when we finally got some time to strip and get into bed, my wife couldn't wait to hear all the details of how I sucked off B, the techniques I used, the timing, and the wonderfully wet finish in my mouth. Some did managed to run down his shaft and onto his balls. I licked that up and squeezed his cock to get a final dollop of creamy cum that I licked up.
Saturday, May 29th, 2010
9:17 am
Guy Trio
My wife is off to a convention today but has given permission for me to go meet B and M this afternoon. Both guys have such big, beautiful cocks and I'm going to suck both of them.
Sunday, April 25th, 2010
4:07 pm
Party at A & M's
Last night was a first. Readers of this journal know that one of my biggest fantasies is watching my wife with four or five guys. Well, last night the party was drifting along with no hard core action so I got my wife in one of the bedrooms and got her naked. Three guys walked in. She said, "Isn't there another girl to join us," as she laughed nervously. A young woman we hadn't met before, J, came into the room. She was a very round woman but young and so cute I couldn't resist. The three guys started using my wife and I went down on J. Before the night was over my wife fucked four guys that I know of and maybe even a fifth. So, I'm getting her closer to my slutty fantasy. Of course, she also did at least three women last night, too. There were eight or nine couples attending. It was hard to tell with action going on in multiple places. There was one single guy, too, who M told us is bi. He gave my wife a huge orgasm using his tongue on her butt hole. We talked about a threesome with him this morning and I just sent him an email about our interest. We'll see what happens. We love the intimacy of a threesome. Of course, we enjoy orgies, too!
Saturday, April 24th, 2010
6:24 pm
We haven't attended in awhile but tonight is the monthly swing party at the home of A and M. There will be seven couples and one single (bi) male. I'll have to report on all that happens. I can't wait to see my wife playing with pretty boobs, licking clits and moaning with a cock in her pussy.
Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
3:50 pm
A Top Ten List
Everything else has a top ten list....so why not all of you?
What are the craziest or hottest things you have experienced in 2009?

This is a question posted in a thread at Literotica.com

Here is my answer

10. Not being married to my ex for nearly ten years.
9. Watching my friend Brad fuck my young starlet on camera.
8. Watching Daphnie masturbate and squirt on camera.
7. Watching a 63 year-old slut take on nine guys on camera.
6. Playing with my friend Jim's cock pumps and sucking him off.
5. Sucking off my friend Steve's big cock and swallowing his hot load while his brother-in-law watched.
4. My wife sucking and swallowing my load while I watched new friend Vickie ride my friend Mick's cock while their spouses watched.
3. Attending house parties with a new group of friends and fucking Amy, Jan, Jen and Vickie.
2. Fucking my wife after whathisname shot a huge load of cum into her pussy.
1. Enjoying my sexy Latina wife with gratitude for the sexy things we do for each other every day.
Sunday, November 8th, 2009
11:38 am
We talked about intimate things while making love this morning. The conversation turned to fantasies we have and things we like. My beautiful wife most emphatically said what really turns her on is watching me suck another guy's cock and watching while another guy sucks me. She also underscored how much she likes watching me with another woman. Am I a lucky husband or what?
Monday, September 28th, 2009
2:44 pm
Group Party Again
This month's party for A and M's group was last rainy Saturday night. It was hosted by J and S. J is the woman I licked and fucked to multiple orgasms at the last party. Nine couples attended this time. Six of the couples were new to us. I chatted online with the husband of one of he new couples on Friday and he told me the whole story of how he introduced his wife to swinging by arranging a threesome with a male friend of his a year ago. Having two cocks at once put her on a lustful path to wanton sex and she's been going wild every since. It really appeals to me. It's so hot to meet women who really need sex and want multiple partners to fulfill them. They are D and D. She's a real hottie with gorgeous breasts. About half of the group went off to the bedrooms while the rest of us gathered to play strip poker. Most of the men lost badly. I managed to lose only two hands. D and my wife were naked eventually and I knew my wife was proud to show off her curvaceous body for all to see. While we didn't end up playing with D and D this time, we did play with the couple they brought into the group, S and S. S, the male, took hold of my wife's hand after they were both naked and headed to a play room with mattresses on the floor. This was the first time that I felt somewhat ill-at-ease with this scene. I had hardly exchanged any conversation with this couple. Every time my wife and I have had sex with others it was with people we got to know first. I went to the room after them, driven by a desire to watch and a desire to repossess. How's that for contradictory emotions? I stripped and got down on my knees to offer my cock to my wife's mouth while S was licking her pussy. In no time he was mounting her as she lay on her back. He has one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen and it was erotic to watch him rub it on her pussy lips prior to entering her. He didn't last more than about four minutes until he shot a huge load into her. The wet spot on the mattress was about ten inches in diameter! When he got up I got on top of my wife and did what I so enjoy: entering her when she has a big load of cum in her pussy. We fucked for awhile that way. Then I got next to her in a prone side position, lifted her right leg, and entered her. In a few minutes, M came into the room and got down between my wife's legs to watch me fuck her. I knew what he was after. I slipped out of her and M immediately started cleaning the cum from her pussy. She was surprised he wanted to do that and delighted that he did. S's live-in, S, was playing with D. Before long S was down on my wife's pussy licking her to a big orgasm. Then my wife stopped her and switched positions saying "I want to be the driver for awhile." Another couple had come into the room, Sh and Sh. They fucked each other in multiple positions and I enjoyed watching them as my wife played with S's pussy. it wasn't long before all three women were groping with each other's breasts and kissing. S, the female, rolled over toward me and took my cock in her mouth. Damn she was good! But what set me off, and I didn't expect this, was watching S the male lift my wife's legs high in the air. I had a perfect profile view of his cock working her pussy like a hard piston. It was so erotic that, as S kept sucking me, I released a huge load, spurt after spurt after spurt, one of the longest releases I've had in months. Later in the evening I licked A's pussy and M sucked my cock as my wife and I played with both of them in a darkened bedroom. By the time the party broke up the rain had stopped and everyone left with big smiles on their faces, including me!
Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
4:01 pm
Another House Party
A and M hosted another house party last night. What a great time!

The hottie that I fucked last time was there but I was really interested in a woman who's profile I had seen online. She and her husband are part of the group but hadn't attended the last party. They are J and S. During the get acquainted talk time I could tell that S was really fascinated by my wife. He was okay with me, educated and articulate. J sat next to him and didn't say a lot but had a pleasant laugh and a sexy attitude. Soon, the strip poker began around the dining room table. I invited J to sit next to me. She was wearing a flimsy top and it showed her cleavage to advantage. J is zaftig; that's what really attracted me when I saw her pictures. It turns out that her boobs are smaller than I thought they would be but that excited me, too. The poker game went slowly, so much so that several of the women congregated in the kitchen. J remained. My wife got into a really sexy mood and returned from the kitchen and challenged me to take off my shirt. I had yet to lose a hand. So she stripped down to bra and panties as a challenge. I knew she was eager to fuck. In a minute I noticed her headed toward a bedroom with S. After the next hand, I grew frustrated. I wanted to fuck, too. So I left my seat at the table and went into the bedroom to find S licking my wife's pussy. I announced that it was going to be a threesome since no one else was taking the initiative. But after I stripped off my clothes I decided to check the kitchen and dining room to see if anyone was willing to make a move. No dice. I returned to the bedroom to see S was already fucking my wife. I watched for a little while, played with her boobs a bit, and decided to go the direct route. I returned to my seat at the dining room table and said softly to J, "Do you want to play cards or find something better to do?" That's all she needed to hear, I'm happy to say. We went immediately to an empty bedroom and started kissing, fondling and hugging. I slid off her top; she stepped out of it, and I invited her to go horizontal. We talked a bit about what we like sexually. I really like to get inside a woman's mind and I told her so. I kissed my way down her body and began licking her pussy and concentrating on her clit. It wasn't long before she started to come. I know women are different, of course, when it comes to orgasms. My wife goes gradually up the musical scale and hits a loud, long scream at the top. J was different. She was quieter but had many orgasms in rolling waves that seemed to peak about every two minutes. I didn't count but I know I was between her legs for over twenty minutes. During some of that time I worked two fingers into her vagina and rubbed the roof to find her G spot and increase the intensity of her orgasms. I slowed my fingers and tongue to give her time to come down gradually. She didn't waste any time about going down on me, taking my cock into her hot mouth. She really knows how to treat a man's erection! I got close to cumming and she must have sensed that because she stopped sucking me and positioned her pussy for me to enter her. I was relieved because I really wanted to fuck her. Within a few minutes I was ready to explode. I warned her that I couldn't last much longer because she had me to hot. She didn't object and before another minute passed the urgency was too intense and my balls emptied a huge load into her pussy. Wanting to make sure she got maximum pleasure, I used my fingers to rub her clit, now wet with the semen she received. Luckily, my cock stayed hard for a few more minutes until the intensity of her orgasm popped it out. I kept rubbing her through her whole orgasm. I cuddled her close and talked softly to her. I fear too many men are all about themselves and they're ready to go watch football or grab a beer after they cum. Women don't like that. Women like to be held and love to hear appreciation after making love. It's worth it to take time, evident in the praise she gave me at the end of the evening and the reassurance that we'll do it again. In the meantime, J, the woman I had fucked at the last party entered the bedroom with D, a new guy. We offered them room on the king size bed and heard their love making as we talked softly. It wasn't long before D was moaning loudly followed by the exhaled comment, "Damn, you swallowed it all." J had a pleased look on her face.

I returned to the other bedroom to find my wife with M. They were talking casually and it was evident that they had been fucking. The thought of her already having two cocks in her already was irresistible and I had to start fucking her right away. She was wanton, needy. That turned me on even more. I gave her an orgasm but I was hungry and wanted to go to the kitchen to get some snacks. When I returned, she was humping M's cock again. I left again. I returned. They were talking again but after only a minute she grabbed M's cock and pulled it toward her pussy. After she came she begged me to suck M's cock. I really wasn't in the mood for that because I wanted to fuck her again. But she was so insistent that I went down on him and she practically came again while watching and said "I so love seeing that!" I soon switched positions, got behind her and started fucking her again from behind. I could see over her hips and watched her jacking M's cock. Of all the porn I've ever seen, images of a woman or girl touching a cock turns me on almost more than anything else. I gave her another orgasm and almost came again myself. But I had shot so much cum into J that I wasn't ready to shoot another load. That was okay though because I had pleased my wife and that's what matters to me most. No matter the charms of other ladies, she is the one and only I will ever want to go home with!
Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
5:14 pm
Last Night
Touching, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking. The four of us managed almost every possible combination with the women having multiple orgasms. It was my second time for licking A's pussy but the first time for me to fuck her. Her pussy has very fat labia majora, an inviting opening to the pleasures of her very wet, very tasty treasure box. It was so hot to see M take my wife from many different positions. We have to do it again, soon!
Saturday, August 1st, 2009
11:11 am
A and M
Tonight we're going to visit A and M, a bisexual couple who hosted the last group party we attended. They want to meet us one on one for some fun. A has a very large bottom, wide hips and fat pussy lips. I licked her clit at the invitation of my wife at the party. I've had pleasant thoughts about getting between her thick thighs and slowly inserting my cock into her. M posted a sexy picture of her and I replied that I want to take some pictures tonight of my wife's pussy with his cock in her. That makes me so hot!

The first thing my wife asked me when we woke up this morning is what time we're seeing them. That tells me she's eager and looking forward to all the sexy fun. That, too, makes me hot!
Monday, June 29th, 2009
9:27 am
What a Saturday!
Oh, my model Olivia! I taped her fucking and sucking a guy with such enthusiasm she can put some porn stars to shame. She sucked two hot loads out of his big cock. She's so open and free-spirited. After the guy left she sat around talking with me and my friend totally nude, legs up on the sofa, legs spread, all manner of flashing her pretty pussy without being aware of what she was doing to us.

Saturday night was the house party, the first one we've been to in a long time. Luckily, we were accepted by the group immediately and got nice compliments today about how much the others liked us. The evening began with strip poker and lots of laughs. I loved it when my wife whipped off her bra to expose her 38DDs. I should have looked under the table to see what effect she was having on the guys.

Several slipped away from the game to occupy the bedrooms. Finally, our male host, M, said he couldn't wait any longer and grabbed my wife's hand to take her into a bedroom that had just been vacated. I followed to watch and played with her breasts as he want down on her. Then came the moment I love to see, he started fucking her. I love to watch her fuck. Then she got on top and rode him cowgirl style. She dismounted and offered me his cock to suck, something she loves to watch me do. I commented on the taste of her pussy as I went down on him. After awhile, M's wife joined us and my wife gave her a pussy-licking that had her in ecstasy.

There were two women at the party that I really wanted to fuck. I found one of them in the kitchen who had covered her naked body with a T shirt and had told others that she really wasn't in the mood. She's a hottie. Short, long dark hair, big boobs and a sexy attitude. Though disappointed, I figured that I could wait until the next time. I ran into the other one in the hallway, wearing a bustier and panties. She's a very cute redhead, about B cup boobs that are still firm like a teenager's. Our dialogue was very quick. "Are you having fun?" I asked as we walked down the hall. "This bedroom is empty." "Want to have some fun?" "Help me with my zipper?" as she turned and I unzipped the bustier. She stripped off her panties in a quick motion and jumped onto the bed.

Just think, I tell myself, "Here's a gorgeous woman I met only an hour ago, I don't even know her last name, and she's now naked in my arms." Another guy came in and offered her a mustache ride which she eagerly accepted as he went right down on her. I started kissing her deeply, fondling her breasts, and massaging her body. She managed to accommodate his pussy licking while twisting her body just enough to put my cock in her mouth and jacking me at the same time. When the mustache ride ended, I lifted her right thigh and moved into her and rubbed my cock on the labia of her very wet pussy. The other guy started working on her breasts and I thrust my cock into her. Oh, damn, she was so hot and wet I knew I wouldn't last long. I didn't, but I'm not an inconsiderate lover so I want to work on her clitoris with my fingers. It turned into a hard knob about a half inch or more in diameter. I masturbated her to six orgasms with my cum leaking out of her as I also put my fingers in her to rub her G spot, making her cum again.

When we were done she was full of praise for how we made her feel so good and kept kissing both of us as she grabbed her undies to leave the room. I know we'll have a repeat at the next party. I went back to my wife just as another guy had finished with her (but pulled out to cum, damn, because I love to fuck her when her pussy is filled with cum. Next time she'll be sure to tell him to leave it in). Then the guy who had helped with the redhead came in to lick my wife's pussy.

What an evening!
Saturday, June 27th, 2009
9:04 am
What a Day for Sex!
One of my favorite cocks to suck belongs to Brad. He's going to offer it up to Olivia this morning to suck him off on camera for the professional video I'm producing for her. Then he's going to fuck her in multiple positions. After all of that, my wife and I are going to a house party tonight with four or five other couples. This is the first one we've attended in about two years. The wife of one of the couples is a real cutie and I hope she'll want to let me fuck her.
Saturday, June 13th, 2009
12:36 pm
I spent most of yesterday recording video with my friend's 23 year-old "roommate." It's hard to imagine a young woman who could be more self-confident and sexually open. From the beginning, she was nude most of the time and only dressed up to strip in a new scene. Her talents with a cherry lollipop would make most people blush! It will be a pleasure to begin editing this footage next week. Her hot talk is almost as arousing as her beautiful body. We're recording more scenes next Friday.
Monday, June 8th, 2009
9:14 am
New Production
A friend wrote to me about a young lady who has come to live with him since she wasn't getting along with her mother. He's in his sixties; she's twenty-three but looks like she's barely eighteen. She is really into sex and wants to make videos. She runs around his house partially nude and fully nude, driving him crazy! He sent some pictures to prove it.

The three of us met last Saturday to talk. I have seldom encountered a female who is so open and self-confident about her sexuality. She freely described the kinds of video scenes and photo shoots she wants to do, that she wants big cocks for the fucking and sucking scenes, and wants to talk some of her girlfriends into participating. She is very articulate, has an erotic imagination, and is sizzling hot!

We're tentatively set to start shooting this Friday. More to come!
Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
11:55 am
I've been remiss in keeping my LJ up-to-date and don't have time now. But, a quick report. I'm producing two different adult videos for sale on the Web in a few weeks. One is about a pretty African-American exhibitionist. We've shot lingerie dress up and strip sequences and toy play with a huge squirting orgasm. Next week we'll do suck/fuck scenes. Last Saturday I did the principle video for a 63 year-old gang bang slut with eight guys. I'll post more details as time permits.
Saturday, February 14th, 2009
11:07 am
Video Again
With my business off, I'm going to try producing some erotic videos again. I found a swingers profile for a 63 year-old woman who loves gang bangs. I think there's a real market for the offbeat amateur sex stories. I sent her a message; yesterday we talked. Later in the day, I talked with her husband. Everything is in motion now for me to do preliminary video next Wednesday. I'll interview her at length about her sexual interests and use that sound track under video of the gang bang that we'll record later. I may also record some solo scenes with lingerie and toys that don't require the presence of a partner.

For those who are curious, I don't get aroused while shooting video like this. There's too much work involved in paying attention to lighting, sound, focus, camera angle, etc. Of course, after the shooting ends, it's another story. However, the only subject of any of my videos I ever fucked I did before shooting the video. My wife was next to me fucking her husband at the same time! It was great fun, needless to say. I later shot a lesbian scene with her and her live-in girlfriend. My only regret is that I didn't ask her friend for a fuck. I've fantasized about her a lot since then.

Anyone else want to appear in a video? LOL
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
8:30 am
Sex Clubs
Good grief. It's been almost a year since I last posted.

Two women who know my wife want us to take them to a sex club in Atlanta. Both are writers and are interested in writing erotic fiction. This trip would be for purposes of "research." One is single; one is married. I don't know if the husband will accompany the wife. I wonder how this will work out. Will they get turned on and want to have sex with me or with someone else? This will be somewhat tricky and interesting.

In the meantime, I'm here to report that playing with cock pumps is really a wild experience. Our friend Jim owns three of them and we got together a few weeks ago to "pump up." The third time I got really hard the pre-cum started flowing profusely. When Jim saw it he went down on me immediately to get a taste.
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